‘I’m fed up of pal sneaking over to see my man – so I grassed her up to her husband’

When it comes to relationships, it can be difficult not to feel jealous of other people trying to muscle their way in.

One woman claims to have been left feeling confused and frustrated by the behaviour of her husband’s friend’s wife.

In a post online, the unnamed woman asks for other people’s advice on what to do after finding out that the other woman has been trying to meet up with her husband whilst she’s away – pretty shady.

She was so fed up with the woman’s antics that she told the other woman’s husband the truth in a bid to get her to stop, therefore opening the can of worms as to what was going on.

On Reddit, she wrote: “My husband’s primary residence is in Italy, mine is in the UK. On one of my trips to Italy, his housekeeper told me that the wife of my husband’s friend kept trying to visit him while I wasn’t there.

“She said she came over every single day even though most days he wasn’t even home or was working from home so didn’t even say hello to her.

“We went out together as a group, so I brought it up to her when it was just the two of us and asked her to stop. I told her my husband doesn’t like being disturbed while he works so she should really arrange something instead of just turning up. She waved me off and acted like it was no big deal.

“I asked her several more times to stop but she continued to do it the minute I was back in the UK every single time.

“In the end, I was so fed up, I contacted her husband and asked him to tell his wife to stop. He wasn’t aware this was going on and said he would speak to her.

“His wife is now angry at me and is claiming I’m implying things about the type of woman she is. She also said I was treating her like her husband’s property and I was pathetic for telling him instead of just admitting she made me insecure.

“My husband is mostly indifferent but also told me I had caused chaos in their friendship group as everybody knows what’s going on and it’s causing a lot of gossip.”

People were confused as to why her husband hadn’t mentioned it sooner.

One wrote: “Why didn’t your husband tell you? If it weren’t for the housekeeper, would you still not know? Why didn’t your husband handle this? Why did you need to be the one telling this woman to stop by if it’s your husband being disturbed?”

Some took the incidents very seriously, writing: “Stalking. The phrase everyone is missing is ‘stalking’. The original poster and husband need to start taking this seriously before it escalates.

“If it was the original poster’s husband showing up at some woman’s house every day you’d better believe it would be taken seriously.”

“She was indeed trying to do something wrong”, one quipped.

“The original poster’s husband should have been the one to set that boundary. He sucks too”, another suggested.

Another wrote: “While your husband should really have been the one to tell her to stop showing up at his home uninvited, it wasn’t an unreasonable request on your part. You tried talking to her, she chose not to listen or respect your request, so you went to her husband for help.

“As far as you “implying what type of woman she is”… Who shows up at a married man’s house EVERY SINGLE DAY without being invited? For what reason? Any rumours or gossip about what type of woman she is were brought on by HER actions.”