Woman’s fury at odd text message from female coworker her husband dog walks with

Every relationship has its ups and downs – but in order to make it work, you have to trust your other half.

One woman has become suspicious of her husband’s recent behaviour after he started hanging out with a female co-worker out of hours.

Turning to Mumsnet for reassurance, the woman explained how her husband has been going on spontaneous dog walks with the woman at the weekend.

She said: “This happens intermittently. He never says in advance that he’s going but always admits where he’s been. Plus his phone always tells me where he is.

“Last week he said he wanted to give me a lie in. Late evening at 11.30 pm, she WhatsApped him to thank him for the walk.”

Questioning whether she is just being “paranoid”, the woman went on to explain how the other woman is also married.

While most users correctly stated men should be able to have female friends without anything being questioned, others fed in to the woman’s suspicions.

One user said: “It seems weird to me. Yes men can have female friends but you don’t go dog walking with them.

“Even if your husband thinks it’s innocent at this stage I’d bet there’s some kind of flirting going on. Suggest you go with them next time, see how that goes down.”

Another user said: “The cutesy 11.30pm message saying ‘Thanks for the walk’ would be the part I didn’t like.”

A third user said: “I dog walk with a male friend and go for a coffee sometimes – it doesn’t mean I’m having sex with him!

“But if something feels ‘off’ to you get up early and offer to go with him and make sure he can’t warn her. His/her reaction/body language might tell you more than him hiding stuff on his phone?”

Raising a concern about the woman’s own behaviour, many users condemned her for tracking her husband’s phone like he is a “lost dog”.

One user said: “Any sympathy I would have had vanished with you fact that you can track his phone. There is no way I could be with anyone who thought this was OK.”

Another user added: “You track his phone? Where did the trust go?

“Can someone let me know the cut-off time for married people texting other married people? Does this only come into play when they are different genders?

“I text when something pings into my head to text. I have single male friends who sometimes text late at night as something funny has happened – my husband isn’t bothered.

“Even more extraordinary, I have no clue who is texting my husband or about what as I never look at his phone.”